The Duchess of Malfi

Before the Gothic Horror of Stoker and Shelley, before the most curious corners of the minds of the Brothers Grimm, there was John Webster’s dark fairytale of power, corruption, fate, and forbidden love - the Duchess of Malfi.

Considered one of the greatest revenge tragedies of all time and wildly popular in its day, Webster’s 1614 horror masterpiece will be brought back to life by the Hidden Room using period playing practices such as replicated candlelight, live music, Jacobean-style garments (designed by the American Shakespeare Center’s Jenny McNee) and period makeup. Most significantly, The Hidden Room unveils their work on Renaissance Gesture Techniques - the result of years of experimentation and research, as lead by the brilliant Dr. Farah Karim (head of Research and Education at Shakespeare Globe in London, and author of The Hand on the Shakespearean Stage.) After its Austin run, The Duchess of Malfi has been invited to bring this remarkable production to Shakespeare’s Globe Wanamaker Playhouse.

Running time 140 minutes.

Sep 27th-28th, Oct 4th-5th, Oct 10th-12th, Oct 18th-19th at 8:00pm;Sep 29th, Oct 6th, 13th, Oct 20th at 5:00pm